• Studio Photoshoot Leigh On Sea


You have finally found your fab photographer (that‘s me by the way!) who will turn ’Dreaded Photoshoot Day’ into ‘Photoshoot Yay’ (see what I did there?!)  and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you receive your beautiful photos!

So now all you need to do is send me a quick message with some info about when you would like your session and who it is for. Then you can sit excitedly by your inbox for my reply.

I am very excited to meet you all. We will create some stunning images together… Well by together I mean I’ll be taking them…. I wont be in them, that would just be weird!

PS – Any time someone gets to this page and doesn’t send me a message, a bottle of prosecco goes to the little off licence in the sky!…. Can you live with that on your conscience?! CAN YOU?! 

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An amazingly talented lady who captured my children in the most beautiful way.

Very professional photographer ensuring the outdoor scene setting was perfect in terms of location and lighting before taking pictures. Happy for me to suggest ideas too and captured wonderful moments of my little ones and their sibling love for each other. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much Vicki for our photoshoot xxx