Natural Children’s Photography in Essex

Childrens Photo Shoot

Natural Children’s Photography In Essex

We have all been there. We’ve all taken our little angels to the hairdressers or attempted to stick down that one sticky uppy bit of hair ourselves! Or  cleaned their ears while they scream like a banshee. Freshly ironed their new outfit but obviously not let them wear them until the very last second because (obviously) they will throw a cup of blackcurrant all over themselves.  Oh that’s without the bribery! If you are good you can have (delete where necessary) a trip to the park / a McDonalds / a unicorn /  an all inclusive trip to Disneyland ……

But –  the one I hear ALL the time.  Say Cheeeeeeese!  Queue small child looking up with their biggest Chandler Bing smile.  And guess what? These ones never make my culling process. Well barely ever!

When you come to my studio you can sit on my sofa and do what all parents do when they get an hour or so to themselves…. go on Facebook!

Ignore me while I sing (sorry) play peekaboo, tell bad jokes and ask your little ones who has the smelliest feet.  Let me worry about capturing their personalities and getting natural smiles.  If I need to, I’ll ask for some assistance  ** Warning, assisting me does sometimes mean making crazy monkey noises or pretending I’ve thrown something at your head, so think carefully before volunteering, my aim is terrible**

That sounds great! Now what?

So really all you need to do is make sure you arrive with your children, because that really helps, and ill do the rest. Oh and your phone so you can update your status with “Having THE best time at the photoshoot, it is not at all stressful or boring in any way whatsoever, and Vicki is AMAZING” …..Worth a try right?

My style is natural and fun which I hope shows through my work. I love a challenge, and if you don’t think your little one will perform or behave enough for a session, please don’t worry, its normal to have nerves and its up to me to capture some beautiful images of your gorgeous little ones.

So, all you need to do now is click here to Contact me and ill get you booked in! Oh, and don’t forget to charge your phone 🙂 I look forward to speaking to you. Vicki xx





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