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A natural approach to newborn photography

Before I ventured into the world of photography if someone mentioned the words “newborn photoshoot” I would automatically think of hats, bowls, buckets, baskets and sleeping babies, and while this is very popular I never felt that it was something I wanted to do but I wasn’t quite sure why.

 I gave it a go out of curiosity once or twice and told my Husband it was impossible…. Actually it was more of a very dramatic soap opera episode with me slightly hysterically announcing that I was quitting photography because I couldn’t do it and selling all my gear to pay for the kids to go to college because I would never find anything I’m good at because I suck at everything and I may aswell pack a case and live alone on a desert island.

My daughter (5 at the time) caught the tail end of it all and said “Yes you CAN do it Mummy, you just need to stop being silly” while my Husband poured me more wine and slowly prised my camera (that I may or may not have been hugging) out of my arms. Ok it wasn’t THAT bad but you get the idea.

So I did stop being silly after a short while (*cough cough* about a year ) and I realised that newborn babies didn’t have to be photographed just one way.

So without sounding too cliché and Frank Sinatra-ey…. I did it my way.

Simple, real and natural. No fuss, no props, no poses. Just baby and you. Your family

Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea EssexNewborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

One of the good thing about these sessions is that they don’t need to be done within the usual 14 day time frame. That’s because I don’t need your baby to be sleepy. Great if they are, and great if they aren’t. I’m a sucker for those wide awake or yawning shots anyway! and bonus for you is that it gives you a bit more time to settle into a routine, get the army of visitors out the way and start feeling a bit more “you”

Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

Another result is because your baby can stay awake I don’t need to spend time trying to get them asleep by singing lullaby’s

(my goodness you don’t know how lucky you are to miss that one!)

Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

The main attraction though is that I’m able to capture the connection between your family members. When you’re not having to sit and smile at me, you will feel more relaxed and natural and you will do little things without realising.  Stoking your babies nose softly or breathing in their baby smell. Its these inbetween moments that I love and strive for, and these are the images that make your gallery just beautiful and unique to you.

Siblings are more than welcome too of course, and if you have a pet you would like to bring along just let me know

(FYI I am particularly partial to fluffy puppies and bunnies )

Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

Newborn Photography in Essex Newborn Photoshoot Leigh-On-Sea Essex

If you would like to enquire about a Baby & Me Session at my home studio in Eastwood, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex I would recommend booking after your 20 week scan.

You can do this by sending me an email to – info@perfectlittlepixels.co.uk

or contact me via my website – https://perfectlittlepixels.co.uk/photography-southend-essex

I cant wait to meet you and your family xxx


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