Outdoor Photoshoots Essex 

Outdoor Photoshoots Essex are brilliant for families and children who just love to be outside. We are really lucky to have lots of options around Leigh-On-Sea. I tend to stick to around sunrise or sunset or early morning so we can really get the best out of our natural light and surroundings which works out great for after school sessions or before all the weekend parties & clubs. These sessions are so natural, relaxed and fun. Perfect for families who’s children love to run around! 

The beach is so lovely at sunset or early morning. The children barely even know I’m there as they jump the waves and search for treasure. There is a row of pretty beach huts which create a pretty pastel backdrop for your images.

Quiet locations work so well too. It means the children can run around as much as they like. A simple field with a big open skyline just as the sunsets is perfect for that gorgeous “golden hour” glow and  you can snuggle up in a big blanket for some gorgeous family images. Lots of families like to bring along a picnic for after their session as a special treat. 

One question that pops up lots with outdoor sessions is our great British weather (!)  Sessions will always be rescheduled if the weather is unsuitable.  My 10,20282 weather apps are usually pretty accurate so I will usually know a few days in advance if we are good to go! 

You can find some  “What To Wear”  inspiration on Pinterest. Just click below